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  • 24 and 36 Wide Aluminum Coil Stock

    24 and 36 Wide Aluminum Coil Stock Aluminum flashing roll is a versatile product used in roofing. It is especially useful for providing waterproofing in specific roofing areas. It plays an important roll in weatherproofing your home. The popular specification is 24 inch aluminum Blog
  • Wholesale PTP Blister Foil for Medicine Packaging

    Wholesale PTP Blister Foil for Medicine Packaging PTP aluminum foil is a widely used pharmaceutical packaging material. Medicinal aluminum foil has a protective effect on drugs, so it has higher requirements on the comprehensive performance. Learn more. Blog
  • Aluminum Foil for Packaging and Cooking

    Aluminum Foil for Packaging and Cooking Aluminum flexible foil for packaging and household aluminum foil is two kinds of aluminum foils. 8021 is a main alloy of the household aluminum foils. What are the advantages of aluminum foil? Learn more. Blog
  • What Are The Requirements of Aluminum Foil Seal for Glass Jar

    What Are The Requirements of Aluminum Foil Seal for Glass Jar The aluminum foil seal for glass jar should have good heat sealing performance. It should be of clean surface and meet food grade. Haomei foil aluminum roll has multiple food aluminum foil tests. Learn more. Blog
  • What Is The Household Aluminum Foil 8011 Food Use

    What Is The Household Aluminum Foil 8011 Food Use Commonly used alloys for household aluminum foil are 1235 and 8011 aluminum foil, while small rolls of household aluminum foil usually have thicknesses of 8mic, 9mic, 10mic, 11mic, 12mic, 14mic, 15mic, 16mic, 17mic and 18mic. Now, the width of large rolls Blog

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About Us

About Haomei

With 20 years'development, Haomei has grown into a top aluminium foil manufacturers and suppliers. We are devoted to rich our aluminum foil varieties and the promotion of aluminum foil application. With constant and reliable quality, Haomei Aluminum has won many old customers in over 100 countries like United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic,Germany, UK, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, UAE,Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya,India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Korea,etc.

Aluminum Foil Series

There are 1000/3000/5000/8000 series aluminum foil, covering 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235, 3003, 3004, 5052, 8006, 8011, 8021, 8079,etc. Different types of aluminum foil jumbo rolls are available: kitchen foils, aluminum foil packaging, food container foil, aluminum blister foil, bottle cap material, battery aluminum foil, cigarette foil, aircon alumium foil, color coated aluminum foil,etc.

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Reliable quality

We can produce aluminum foil rolls in accordance with different standards:National standard, American standard, European standard, Russian standard and many other standards. With over 20 years’ manufacturing experience, Haomei aluminium foil is with better foil surfaces, fewer pinholes, and its various performances far exceeds the national standard.

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Our Factory

Haomei Aluminium has 8 aluminum foil rolling mills, which can produce various specifications of container foil, battery foil, aluminum foil for beer label, tape foil, medicine foil,cigarette foil flexible packaging foil, electronic foil, household foil and other more than 20 kinds of aluminum foil products with a thickness of 0.005~0.2mm and a width of 50~1700mm.

The aluminum foil rolling mills of the aluminum foil production line are equipped with Siemens pattern gauges and German Thermo Fisher thickness gauges, and are also equipped with 14 slitting machines, 3 rewinding machines, 3 coiling machines, 4 roll grinders and 31 annealing furnaces.

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We now have currently has 9 coating production lines,which can produce various specifications of hydrophilic aluminum foil with a thickness of 0.08~0.2mm and a width of 150~1400mm.The coating production line currently has 3 sets of 1600mm wide coating machines, 6 sets of 1350 mm wide coating machines, 5 sets of slitting machines and 1 set of oiling machine.

There are 3 packaging workshops with coating packaging and large roll packaging,which can meet the packaging task of up to 2,000 tons per day. There are various packaging modes such as vertical wooden trays, horizontal wooden trays, pyramid wooden trays, double-sided wooden boxes,etc.


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