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1050 Aluminum Foil for Battery and Electronics

Series: 1050
Temper: O,h18, h19,h24,h22,etc.
Thickness: 0.006-0.2mm
Width: 100-1600 mm
Application: Food packaging, capacitors, aluminum foil gaskets, cable shielding, electronic label, container foils, etc.

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What is 1050 aluminum foil

1050 aluminum foil is a pure aluminum foil with 99.5% aluminum element. Since there is no need to add other chemical elements, the production process of 1050 aluminum foil is simple, and its price is relatively cheap.

Since 1050 aluminum foil is of low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and good corrosion resistance, 1050 aluminum foil paper is often used for battery, cable and light gauge aluminum foil.

Specification of 1050 aluminum alloy foil




O,h18, h19,h24,h22,etc.




100-1600 mm


Food packaging, capacitors, aluminum foil gaskets, cable shielding, electronic label, container foils, etc.

Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength σb(MPa)

Yield Strength σ0.2(MPa)

Conductivity (20℃%)(IACS,%)




Features of 1050 Alu Foil

1. Good corrosion resistance. 1050 aluminum foil is easy to produce dense alumina passivation film on its surface in air, oxidizing aqueous solution and high-temperature concentrated nitric acid medium, so it has good corrosion resistance.

2. No low brittleness. The internal structure of 1050 aluminum foil is a cubic lattice, and there is no brittle transition at low temperature. Therefore, the lowest design temperature of the container made of 1050 aluminum foil can reach -269 ℃, which is a good choice for the material of low temperature container.

3. 1050 aluminum foil also has strong plasticity, sealing tightness, light shading, heat insulation, electrical and thermal conductivity, high ductility and reflectivity.

1050 Alu Foil.jpg


1. 1050 aluminum foil is suitable for container sealing of various materials such as PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, glass, etc. It is widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, pesticides, motor oil, detergents, hair care products, wine,etc. The common temper is H19 and the specifications are specifications are 0.2*940*1250mm and 0.2*1090*1250mm.

2. 1050 Alu foil is also a main kind of battery aluminum foil. Typically, the lithium-ion battery industry uses it as the positive current collector. Other battery aluminum foils are 1060, 1235, 1070, etc.

3. 1050 aluminium foil is often used as the electronic aluminum foil. The production process is casting - soaking - hot rolling - pre-annealing - cold rolling - intermediate annealing - cold rolling - foil rolling - slitting - performance testing - packaging.

4. 1050 aluminum alloy is often used as cable shielding foil. The specification is 0.2-0.5*500 mm. The number of pinholes is strictly controlled, and the product performance far exceeds the national standard.

1050 aluminum foil uses.jpg

1050 Aluminum Foil Price

Its price consists of two parts: the average closing price of Changjiang spot A00 aluminum ingot and processing fee. Since the price of aluminum ingot fluctuates daily, the quotation will fluctuate.

Why Choose Haomei

Haomei Aluminum has 8 aluminum foil rolling mills, which can produce various specifications of container foil, battery foil, aluminum foil for beer label, tape foil, medicine foil, cigarette foil with a thickness of 0.005~0.2mm and a width of 50~1700mm.

The aluminum foil rolling mills of the aluminum foil production line are equipped with Siemens pattern gauges and German Thermo Fisher thickness gauges, and are also equipped with 14 slitting machines of various sizes, 3 rewinding machines, and 3 coiling machines. , 4 roll grinders and 31 annealing furnaces.

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