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3000 Series Aluminum: 3003 and 3004

Publish: Modify: Nov 29, 2023Author: From:  Haomei

3003 and 3004 aluminum foil are both the typical ones off 3000 series aluminum. Due to their different alloying element content, their properties are also different. 3004 aluminum has better stamping effect.

3003 Aluminum foil belongs to the Al-Mn alloy. This product has good anti-rust properties, its strength is about 10% higher than 1100, and its formability, weldability and corrosion resistance are all good.

3004 aluminum foil has high strength, moderate elongation and excellent formability. It is very suitable for the production and later application of container products. What are their differences?

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Chemical composition

3003 and 3004 aluminum foil are both representatives of the three series alloys, but their compositions are very different. The main component of 3003 alloy is manganese, also called aluminum-manganese alloy; while the main components of 3004 are manganese and magnesium, which is a true aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy.


3003 aluminum is an aluminum-manganese alloy. As shown in the Al-Mn binary phase diagram, although the solubility change of Mn in Al is relatively large, it has no significant strengthening effect, so the strengthening heat treatment process cannot be carried out.

3004 aluminum has more magnesium than 3003 aluminum alloy. Mg has a solid solution strengthening effect, which can increase the strength of Al-Mg alloys by 10%. 3004 alloy is the largest in the canning field and construction industry.


Aluminum food container

The aluminum foil tray of 3003 aluminum foil has good barrier properties, good heat and fragrance retention, and strong light-shielding properties. As long as the aluminum foil is thick enough, it can basically completely block gas and moisture. More importantly, aluminum foil is highly recyclable.

3004 aluminum foil is a hot-rolled aluminum foil product. 3004 aluminum foil has high hardness, good load-bearing, and better stamping effect than 3003 aluminum foil. 3004 aluminum foil has good plate shape, no black wires, no bright lines, and no holes.

Using 3004 aluminum foil to make food container not only ensures the quality of the aluminum foil, but also saves costs for customers. It is the raw material of choice for cost-effective aluminum foil container. Haomei Alumium can provide 3004 aluminium foil of 0.018-0.2mm. The thickness is 100-1700 mm.

Aluminum honeycomb core

The aluminum honeycomb core is made of multiple layers of aluminum foil bonded together and unfolded into a regular honeycomb shape. Commonly used materials are 3003 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, and 5052 aluminum foil. 3003 aluminum foil is more popular in this field.

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