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Aluminum Foil for Food Baking and Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Packaging is one of the three major application areas of aluminum foil. What are the uses of aluminum foil in food fields? What are the advantages of aluminium foil for medicine packaging? Learn more.

Packaging is one of the three major application areas of aluminum. The excellent properties of aluminum foil make it an ideal packaging material. The main aluminum packaging products include aluminum cans, aluminum bottles and aluminum caps, beverage paper-plastic aluminum-based composite packaging (sterile packaging), other multi-form aluminum foil flexible packaging, aluminum foil container, household aluminum foil, etc.

Aluminum foil containers are the best alternative to plastic tableware in the catering and takeout markets, especially the best meal packaging solutions for collective dining units, large-scale events and emergency support situations. Aluminum foil has excellent barrier properties and can effectively prevent food from deteriorating in high temperature environments. Especially in regional spaces where large numbers of people gather, such as schools and hospitals, food safety and public health can be ensured.

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It is also widely used in kitchen like aluminum foil for food baking. Aluminum foil has excellent antibacterial, fresh-keeping, and anti-odor properties. They can partially replace plastic bags and are used to wrap food, vegetables, fruits, etc., greatly extending the shelf life and freshness period.

The new household foil is 0.0063mm ultra-thin. Food, fruits and vegetables wrapped in ultra-thin household foil and placed in the refrigerator can effectively reduce water loss by up to 89.3% and maintain better freshness.

Recent scientific research shows that compared with plastic, steel, paper, glass, wood and other materials, the coronavirus survives on aluminum surfaces for the shortest time (about 2 to 8 hours). This shows that aluminum foil packaging may be the best packaging material for medicines.

Aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging has the following advantages:

1. Aluminum foil can effectively protect medicines from moisture and humidity because it is an impermeable material that can keep medicines dry and stable. In addition, aluminum foil can prevent oxygen and other gases from entering the pharmaceutical packaging, thereby maintaining the stability and active ingredients of the medicine. Some pharmaceuticals deteriorate when in contact with oxygen, so aluminum foil can help protect their quality.

2. Aluminum foil for medicine packaging is an excellent thermal insulation material that can help preserve the active ingredients and efficacy of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals often need to be stored at low temperatures, and aluminum foil can protect them from high temperatures. Aluminum foil can make pharmaceutical packaging easier to see and identify. At the same time, aluminum foil can also be used for anti-counterfeiting packaging to ensure the authenticity and safety of medicines.

3. Aluminum foil can be sealed by heat sealing or cold sealing technology to ensure the airtightness of pharmaceutical packaging. This can help protect medicines from external contamination and oxidation.

4. In short, aluminum foil, as an excellent packaging material, can help protect the quality and safety of drugs, reduce the contact and contamination of drugs with the external environment, and extend the shelf life of drugs.

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