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What Are Main Aluminum Foil Alloys

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8011 and 1235 aluminum foil jumbo rolls are two main aluminum foil alloys. They both have wide applications like household aluminum foil or pharmaceutical packaging. Learn more.

8011 and 1235 aluminum foil jumbo rolls are two main aluminum foil alloys. 8011 aluminium alloys have a wider range of uses and can be used in many fields such as pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, food container, tape foil, cable foil, bottle cap materials, etc.

Although the aluminum foil for food tray produced with 8011 alloy can overcome some of the shortcomings of 3003 alloy, due to the low content of alloy elements in 8011 alloy, its performance is soft, which is not suitable for high-speed punching, and the punching depth is insufficient.

8011 aluminium alloys.jpg

The aluminum foil for barbecue must be food grade and have good sealing properties. The commonly used material is 8011 aluminum foil. Its advantage is that it not only retains the deliciousness of the food, but also prevents oil stains from staining the oven.

Since pharmaceuticals have strict requirements on temperature and humidity and are easily broken, aluminum foil blister can protect them from adverse factors during long-distance transportation and long-term storage. Aluminum foil blister packaging can be used for the packaging of tablets and capsules. The blister packaging of tablets is also called PTP pharmaceutical foil. The alloy choice is 8011 aluminum foil and the tempers are H18 and O.

1235 aluminum foil is a commonly used aluminum foil material. The aluminum content of 1235 aluminum foil is more than 99.35%. It is also a kind of pure aluminum foil and is widely used in cables, tapes, and battery foils.

The cathode current collector aluminum foil of high-end power batteries has a high technical content. Aluminum foil for current collectors is mainly made of 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235, 3003 and other alloys. The mainstream thickness specification is 10-20μm, and some battery manufacturers use 8μm. The future direction is to continue to thin, and may even be reduced to 6μm.

1235 aluminum foil roll is widely used as the household aluminum foil. It is widely used in cooking, freezing, preservation, baking and other industries. In the refrigerator or freezer, aluminum foil can be wrapped directly on the food to prevent the food from deforming, prevent the loss of water in fish, vegetables, fruits, and dishes, and prevent the leakage or mixing of flavors. Since aluminum foil has good and uniform thermal conductivity and heating effect, it can be used in ovens, steamers, etc. to heat directly on the original packaging. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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