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What Are Uses of Extra Wide Aluminum Foil

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Extra Wide Aluminum foil jumbo roll is an important raw material in many fields including packaging, cable shielding, transformer, air conditioner, etc. What specifications of aluminum oil are used? Learn more.

Aluminum foil is an important component of flexible packaging materials. Aluminum foil can block light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria, so it is widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging. Extra wide aluminum foil can also play a role in beautifying products and improving product quality. Aluminum foil flexible packaging is mainly used for food bags, beverages, candy, chocolate, and cooked food.

One of the main raw materials for the production of PTP aluminum foil is industrial hard pure aluminum foil, which is commonly called "raw aluminum foil" in the pharmaceutical packaging materials industry. When used as pharmaceutical packaging materials, aluminum foil jumbo roll is the only metal material in packaging materials and has the advantages of retaining moisture and blocking gas and light.

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Cable aluminum foil is a commonly used conductive material and is widely used in electric power, communications and other fields. The thickness of cable aluminum foil will directly affect its conductive properties and mechanical strength. According to different cable specifications and requirements, it is crucial to choose the appropriate thickness. Generally speaking, common cable aluminum foil thicknesses are available in various specifications such as 0.1mm, 0.15mm, and 0.2mm.

Aluminum foil for transformer is mainly used for dry and oil-immersed transformer windings. Aluminum foil for transformers range from 0.2 mm to 3.5 mm thickness and 10 mm to 1600 mm width. Aluminum foil has high conductivity, good corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. Aluminum foil tape for transformers is an essential material in the process of producing transformers.

The use of aluminum foil in air conditioners is mainly to make heat-conducting fins for air conditioner heat exchangers. The current alloys of aluminum foil for air conditioners include 3102, 8011 aluminum foil, etc. The commonly used states are H22/H24/H26, and the thickness range is 0.08~0.2 mm. There are certain differences in the strength and plasticity of each state. The specific choice of which alloy grade and which state of aluminum foil depends on the actual situation.

The specific type of aluminum foil used to process heat exchange fins needs to be customized according to actual application and functional requirements. For example, whether hydrophilic or hydrophobic processes are required, and whether anti-corrosion processes are required, all need to be customized according to actual needs.

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